For my first thought…

I’m tired.

It’s hot.

And when will Paul W.S. Anderson stop slaughtering the Resident Evil series?  Who knew a post 5 months old could hurt my head… and my soul…

Great first impression, huh?

But in all seriousness…

Welcome to the thoughts of a gamer after she’s turned off the game.  This blog will explore the mental and emotional effects games stir up in players,  (Yes… I said “emotional.”  I’m a lady.  We like to talk about our feelings.), the gaming community and its future, lady gamers, and zombies.  Well… we’ll try to explore all that stuff.

I thank you in advanced for letting the thoughts that will transverse this blog party with your thoughts.

On we game!


About gamerinthought

To put it simply, I'm mother to the thoughts and ramblings found on Gamer In Thought, a child of Coleco Vision and NES, and the harbinger of all things awesome.

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