Those nights where your gaming is nothing short of sucking…

Yes, my faithful followers – You know what?  I think I’m going to refer to you as my zombie(s) horde from this post on.  I’ll explain my reasoning for this at a later time.  After all, I gotta give you something to come back for, don’t I?  I digress…

Yes my zombie horde.  Tonight was my night in lacking any ability to game.  I’m pretty certain my service tag read EPSM – “Everyone, please shoot me.” (Yes, I was playing Halo).

I think all of us have experienced those horrid days where we simply can’t get into our gaming groove.  It doesn’t matter how skilled you were two days ago.  Today you play like a noob  (not to be confused with a newb).

What happens one day to the next?  Do we temporarily lose a chunk of our “take no prisoners” mentality?  Does the toughness of our opponents block us from winning or at least surviving a match mildly unscathed?  Or are we just too distracted by two of our companions yelling “zombitchs” during a Halo Reach undead match to realize we’re at the other end of some guy or gal’s scope?

I speak of the dark days of gaming, my zombies.  Those days where, for a moment, you think your controller smashed into your TV screen would make for great feng shui.  Now, I’m going to strongly advise against taking action on thoughts like that, because I may have… sorta… kinda… one time broken a Game Boy with my forehead after getting mad over at a Yoshi game.

Before you judge me know that 1) I was a wee one (child) and 2) Yoshi was a smug jerk who deserved the wrath of my skull (I’m sure many of you would agree with point 2).  Needless to say, Grandma wasn’t too happy that I destroyed the screen to the GB she had gotten me, and my mom and dad wouldn’t let anyone get me another GB for about 2 years.

So what have we learned today?  When you suddenly pull a Teenwolf and transform from a pro into a noob, just walk away.  Accept that you will most likely continue to suck that day.  Better to take the blow to your pride than the blow to your controller and TV, which are two key assets to being able to play your games in the first place.

But there’s good news.  In a day or so you’ll go back to being a pro and will target someone else whose service tag is EPSM.

On we game!


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To put it simply, I'm mother to the thoughts and ramblings found on Gamer In Thought, a child of Coleco Vision and NES, and the harbinger of all things awesome.

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  1. Ugh, I hate those days. Usually that because I’ve been playing too much and my hands are too frustrated and tense. If I take a break for a day and come back, I can usually get right back into the groove!

  2. Whenever that happens to me, it’s usually because I’m distracted by poor feng shui or stress. I used to be able to sink myself into games for hours no matter what was going on around me, it was often my preferred escape. But the older I get, the more I’m realizing that I need to be in a very zen-like state to play my best. Clean surroundings, clean conscience, and a sense of accomplishment are key factors in assuring that my entire cranial cache can be devoted to glorious slaughter. If the place is a mess or my girlfriend is mad at me, you can bet I will play like the noobiest noob that ever noobed.

    • Wow, Drew… “The noobiest noob that ever noobed”… That was profound, and I loved it. Thank you for giving my Wednesday evening meaning. 🙂
      I hope you’re understanding of what makes you game better has raised your percentage of “kicking ass.”
      Thanks for sharing!

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