Have you heard the good word of Zombie today?

Yes, my beloved zombies, it’s the holiest day of the week, Sunday.  Today is a day to relax, reflect, and reinforce our zombie apocalypse plans (ZAP).

Zombie J

Now when I say zombie apocalypse, I’m not talking about the GIT readers rising up to make me dictator of the world (although that’d be AWESOME!).  I’m referring to the zombie apocalypse that stars the zombies we all know and love (That doesn’t mean that no one loves the GIT zombies!  I love you and that counts for something!).   I’m talking about the undead kind who infect others through bites, scratches, and in a few instances, birth.

Having a ZAP is as important as having a… a… um… well… I can’t think of a clever simile.  But it’s pretty important! Trust me, I’ve watched enough zombie movies and played enough zombie games to know.

Now, in structuring your ZAP you need to ask yourself a few questions:

1) What kind of role will I play during the ZA?

2) Where will I go?  What’s my destination?

3) Who will be on my “starter” zombie apocalypse team (ZAT)?

We’ll explore these questions individually in future posts.  Together we’ll work to make sure you survive the ZA… or at least make it through the initial wave of zombie slaughter and infection.

Until next Sunday my none ZA zombies!

On we game!

P.S.  I realize Saturday is also considered a holy day.  Sunday came natural to me due to my parents attempting to bring me to church when I was a wee one…. Even though we always went to Saturday evening mass…  No one ever said I was a good Christian!  Then again, I think I made that apparent in writing this blasphemous post and using a picture of the lord and savior zombified.

I’m pretty certain I’m going to hell…

P.S.S. I promise I will eventually explain why I refer to GIT readers as zombies/zombie horde.


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To put it simply, I'm mother to the thoughts and ramblings found on Gamer In Thought, a child of Coleco Vision and NES, and the harbinger of all things awesome.

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