Zombie Apocalypse Plan Question 2 ~ Where will I go? What’s my destination?

This week we ask the question, “Where will I go?  What’s my destination?”

While reviewing this point, for a moment, we’re going to take out the aspect of you worrying about having your face eaten off and we’ll put this into more of a business/life development aspect.  Essentially, these questions are asking you, “What’s your goal?”

Are you trying to:

Find your loved ones at home?

Get to a military protected area?

Find an uninhabited island?

Find food, weapons, and/or supplies?

Find a hiding location where neither survivors nor zombies can find you?

Find the T-Virus vaccine?

Just like in non-zombie noshing on your face life, it’s important to have an idea as to what you’re doing, where you’re going, and the purpose for it (the why).  Wandering about zombie infested streets with no sense of direction will likely land you in the mouth of a zombie horde.  Unhappy face!

So ask yourself these questions:

Where am I going?

What do I to get there?

Who do I need to get there? (This applies to your ZAT which we’ll discuss next week)

What’s my time frame?

Why do I need to get there?

What happens once I’ve reached my goal?

To me, the most important question is the “why”.  Understanding why you need to do something is to understand the purpose.  If there is no purpose, then what’s the point?  There may also be points where the purpose has no positive effect on getting you closer to your goal.  It may actually be a set back.  It could waste resources.  It could also get you killed.

“I want to run into that horde of zombies and shoot them.”


“Because I’m angry at them for messing everything up!”

“Don’t you think it’d be best to conserve our ammo?”


“Don’t you think we should do our best to avoid getting the attention of nearby zombies?”


“Do you think randomly shooting zombies we can easily maneuver our group around because you’re angry is a good plan?”


Taking unnecessary action because you’re upset is not a good purpose.

We’ll use every zombie lovers favorite TV show as a prime example of (decent) goal setting: AMC’s Walking Dead.  When main character Rick comes to in the hospital, his first goal is to get home to his wife and son (where and who).  The why for him doing this is because they’re his family, he loves them, and he wants to be with them to make sure they’re safe.  Once he returns home and finds they’ve left his goal is still to find them, but he considers what he’ll need in searching for them; guns.  So he heads to the police station.  I’ll leave the example at that because I don’t want to spoil the show for those of you who are clearly going to hell because you haven’t seen the first season.

If you pay close attention to the story, you quickly realize each episode is built on a series of goals (Then again, most shows and movies are like that.  Good ones anyway…).

I know we can easily say the goal is to survive the ZA, but what steps are you going to take to get there?  Large goals require mini goals.

Lets stop thinking about ZA related examples (I know!  That seems almost blasphemous!) and use a really life example.  We’ll use the context of having a goal to become a game developer (dev) at BioWare.  How do you get there?  There are many routes/options.  Are you going to go to school for game dev or teach yourself?  If you’re going to school, what school do you want to get into?  How long of a program are you looking for?  If you’re self taught, what are the best books/resources for learning game dev?  How many hours a week do you plan on devoting to it?

Once you’ve set your goals from these two goals, you can decide if you want to make your own game to present for an interview.  What kind of game will it be?  What kind of platform will it be on?  Etc…

Side ramble ~ As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m a massage therapist.  Sans my blog (GIT!) I’m not in the game industry.  The BioWare example is a very loose example that stems from what I’ve read about game dev and learned from talking to game devs.  It’s not solid fact.  So, my wanna-be game dev zombies, don’t use me as an example to breaking into the game dev industry.   If you want advice, specifically with BioWare, I would recommend checking out Brent Knowles Lazy Designer.

If you haven’t figured by now, the cycle of goal setting continues.  The point I’m trying to make is that you can’t walk into BioWare and say “Make me a game dev.”  The same applies to the ZA.  You can’t just stand in the middle of a zombie horde saying, “Make me a ZA survivor.”  They can make you a zombie or make you dead, but they can’t make you a survivor.

So zombies, if surviving the ZA is your ultimate goal (cause it might not be for some), figure out how you’re going to get there, what you need, who you need, where you need to go, why, and what mini goals need to be set in between.  Next Sunday we’ll cover who you’ll need (with a sprinkle of why you need them).

In connection to last week’s post, if you need more direction as to what kind of “character” you’ll play when the ZA happens, try taking the Walking Dead Survival Test.

The Walking Dead season two airs Sunday, October 16th at 9:00pm (EST)

On we game!


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