Zombie Apocalypse Plan Question 3 ~ Who will be on my starter zombie apocalypse team (ZAT)?

Although usually portrayed as tough as Jason Statham, the lone wolf rarely evades being noshed on and turned into one of the zombie horde.  Surviving the ZA is a team effort.

Lets be honest here…  Who didn’t appreciate having a teammate in Resident Evil 0 and 5?  Who wasn’t thankful for having three people to back their character (even if they were CPUs) in the Left 4 Dead series?  Who thought Columbus wouldn’t make it through Zombieland without Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock?  How many times do we yell, “She’s going to die,” when some chick decides to wander away from her ZAT?  We acknowledge and appreciate ZATs because we know if we were really faced with the ZA and didn’t have the teammates to back us, “screwed” would be nowhere near an adequate enough word to describe our situation.

As we discussed in the first ZAP plan question, it’s important to know yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what your role will be on your ZAT.  The same applies with your starter ZAT-mates.  While you probably won’t know everything about your  ZAT-mates pre- ZA, you probably have a general sense of their strengths and weaknesses.

I specify “starter ZAT-mates” because a) these are the ZAT-mates you’ll have the most flexibility of picking and b) if you survive long enough, your ZAT will most likely pick up survivors as well as merge with other ZATs.

If I’ve learned anything from my current job I’ve learned that teammates are essential for providing strength in your weak areas and helping you achieve successful, and vice versa.

One of my associates and I have a pact that we’re on the same ZAT.  His strengths are in skills like building, deconstructing, lifting heavy objects, for some reason doing the YMCA with his shirt pulled into itself, and making me a mean iced coffee.  My strengths are vomiting sweetness on people’s faces, providing sarcastic commentary, massaging tight muscles, and… well, that’s about it.

But as you can see (from what I’ve decided to tell you), we balance each other.  Goodness knows I will not be pulling my shirt into itself and doing the YMCA (because that would just be inappropriate and distracting!), but someone’s gotta do it.

When considering who you’d want as a ZAT-mate, there are some questions to keep in mind:

~ Is he/she someone who plays well with others?

~ What are some of his/her skill sets?

~ Is he/she someone I feel would remain relatively level headed among chaos?

~ Is he/she someone I’d be comfortable being around for an extended period of time and possibly rebuilding society with?

~ If not, how long before I attempt to use him/her as zombie bait?

~ How long before he/she attempts to use me as zombie bait?

Thank you ZombieMutts for this child-like, yet vicious pic!

If you feel at any point the possible ZAT-mate would use you as bait, then don’t invite him/her on your team!  Using you as bait wouldn’t be very ZAT-mate-like of them.

To give you an example, there was a guy I worked with who I repeatedly reminded was “off my zombie apocalypse team” because the two of us working together was about as productive as mixing bleach and ammonia.  He thought I was joking.   I was dead serious.  I knew if the ZA really happened and he and I were stuck together, I would absolutely use him as bait and he would most likely attempt to do the same.  When you realize it’s near impossible to work with someone in non-ZA situations, you can pretty much assume they won’t make a very good ZAT-mate.

One more thing to keep in mind, don’t assume because someone is a family member or close friend they’d make a good ZAT-mate.  Seeing as this may be a touchy subject, I’m going to leave it at that and let you answer that for yourself.

If you had to pick three ZAT-mates, who would you pick and why?  These people can be people in your personal life, celebrities, fictional characters, etc.  All that’s really important is that you feel they’d be key in helping you survive.

On we game!


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