Monogamy vs Polyamory in Game Playing

Confession time, zombies.  I’m on the cusp of being unfaithful and I don’t know what to do.

If you’ve been following my updates on the GIT Facebook page, you know I’ve spent the last three days slaughtering Locusts and Lambents in Gears of War 3.  What you might not know is prior to my relationship with Gears, I was seeing The Elder Scrolls Oblivion regularly for about a month.  Oblivion was aware from the beginning that what we had was a fling and once Gears arrived on my doorstep, we’d be taking a breather.

While Gears satisfies my needs in ways no other video games have before, I can’t help but reminisce about my days with Oblivion.  The more I think about those days, the more I’m tempted to go back to it.  I would of course continue to see Gears as well.

I’ve been known for having polyamorous relationships with my video games, but within recent time I’ve been trying to take a monogamous approach.  This is due to my limited free time, the fact that I’m playing more in depth games, and because I’d like to be able to confidently and intelligently discuss these games in my articles and posts.

While I’ve so far managed to keep Oblivion in its case and on the shelf, I can’t help but wonder if playing multiple immersive video games within a short duration of time (lets say, a week) detracks from a gamer’s appreciation of the games.  On the flip side, does playing multiple games make the positive differences between them more savory for gamers?  Zombies, thoughts on this?  Are you a one game at a time kind of gamer or a “gimme all you got” gamer?

And speaking of Gears of War 3… How we feeling about it so far, zombies?  Check back to GIT next week to catch my review on Gears for newcomers.

On we game!

P.S. Don’t forget to catch my buddies over at MB-Radio on Saturday, September 23rd at 9pm (EST) as they discuss what turns people on and why.


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  1. Truly immersive games are always afforded my full gaming attention. The only game I play while playing Elder Scrolls games or Fallout games or the like is Rock Band 3. However once I’ve played through once and accomplished whatever main goal I set for myself in that first playthough I will then allow other games to start to creep into my gaming.

    In short, I am monogamous to my epic games.

    And speaking of Epic Games… Gears, not really my thing.

    • If I may ask, what makes Gears not you’re thing? Just curious. I understand it’s not everyone’s taste.

      As for a game like Rock Band 3, would you consider it an immersive game, more of a distraction game, or a whole different creature?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, good sir!

      • Dunno really, just never clicked with me, but then again I could say that for a large number of games out there. Not meant in a pretentious way, but my tastes in games are pretty damn indescribable.

        As for Rock Band 3, it’s just an addiction and a distraction. A terrible, terrible addiction and distraction.

      • I hear ya when you call Rock Band 3 a terrible addiction. Hexic on the 360 and I had some twisted thing going on during the holidays. I’m pretty certain I broke part of my brain playing that….

  2. I’m pretty polygamous with my games. Within the course of a week I try to play 4 or 5 different ones at least, not counting possible demos I may try out. It’s tough because I have alot of games I want to play/finish and I all love them equally(mostly) and if I don’t play them for awhile, I’ll forget the controls(especially if they’re vastly different from other game’s controls) or forget where I am in the story and what to do next.

    That’s why I really like short games(as in 10 hours or less) that have a level structure. I could pretty well get through transformers WFC and Spiderman: SD. At the moment I have a long term relationships with Fallout 3 and Saint’s Row 2 with flings from Dead Space(almost finished!), Lego Indiana Jones, Bioshock, and Assassin’s Creed 2. Wow I just got a little turned on there.

    What’s great about this though is that with some games I may become frustrated with a certain level so I can just quick pop in a different one and save the nasty level for later!

    • I completely get what you mean when you say it’s great to switch to a different game when you get stuck on a level. I’m pretty certain getting stuck is what made me move on from (and never finish) Metroid Prime 2. What a good game.

      Any thoughts as to why you juggle so many video games at once?

  3. Mostly because there are alot of 360 games I want to play and finish, and I feel like if I put them down, I’ll never pick them up again. I already have a pile of 6 or 7 I haven’t played since I first got the 360, and I really do want to play them. I had TONS of ps1, ps2 and xbox games that I never finished, and now with the 360 it’s going to be even more impossible to even hope to finish them.

    Someone made a post last night how we’ll just never get to see/read most books or media. That’s how I feel about games. There’s just too many :/

  4. I tend to go wherever the wind blows – that is, I play what sounds more fun at the moment. Seems pretty simple and care-free, but I do feel some anxiety originating from my gaming schedule. I hate hate HATE when I don’t finish games, but it still happens simply because there are so many games and not enough time. It’s hard to complain about having a broad selection, but dammit how am I supposed to finish Dead Island and Gears 3 when RAGE and Dark Souls come out tomorrow? And how am I supposed to simultaneously give Battlefield 3 and Gears 3 the multiplayer attention they deserve? Not to mention finding time for the Metal Gear Solid HD collection, AC:Revelations, and RE:Raccoon City next month.

    Especially in seasons like this one, all I can do is try hard to avoid hyperventilating and enjoy what’s in front of me until there a slower season so I can go back and tie up loose ends.

    The other thing that makes it hard for me is that I REALLY love a good multiplayer game. And good multiplayer games are usually best when they’re fresh. After awhile, the community dwindles, and the only people left are the ones that you really don’t want to learn against. Also, there is something fun about being there at the beginning, learning the game with everybody.

    In summary, I’m definitely a polygamist, but I’m a dedicated one. I rely on my instincts and experience as a gamer to sniff out games that wont let me down. I guess I just try really hard to have my cake and eat it too, while its still fresh.

    • Drew, you just coined the best word “polygamist.” I love it!

      And I completely get what you mean about being overwhelmed by this seasons games. It’s being encouraged I buy Battlefield 3 and RAGE, and I have NO IDEA when I’ll find time to play them. I’d like to replay Mass Effects 2 before 3 comes out, but I still need to finish Oblivion and Fall Out 3.

      So much goodness… So little time!

      As usual, thanks for sharing 😀

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