Monthly Archives: October 2011

Interview ~ Meet Naomi Alderman and Adrian Hon, the masterminds behind ZOMBIES, RUN!

Instead of boring you with my continued lack of exergaming progress, zombies, GIT is bringing you a post 420% more awesome than any other post.

Today’s post combines two of the three things GIT is about; zombies + exergaming = ZOMBIES, RUN!, a zombierific “running game and audio adventure for the iPhone and Android.” ¬†Sadly, this game is not yet ready for action, but it will be soon with the help of Kickstarter and backers.

Before I proceed, I’d like to thank CEO of Six to Start, Adrian Hon and lead writer for ZOMBIES, RUN!, Naomi Alderman, for taking the time for this interview. ¬†While the trailer and website already had me lacing up my running shoes with Android in hand, Adrian and Naomi’s responses make the fact that this game is not yet available that much harder to cope with, but all the more enticing. Read the rest of this entry