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Holy crackers! Where have you been?!

So it’s been close to 6 months since my last post.  This video details my excuse for being MIA and sheds light on what’s in store.

On we game!


Interview ~ Meet Naomi Alderman and Adrian Hon, the masterminds behind ZOMBIES, RUN!

Instead of boring you with my continued lack of exergaming progress, zombies, GIT is bringing you a post 420% more awesome than any other post.

Today’s post combines two of the three things GIT is about; zombies + exergaming = ZOMBIES, RUN!, a zombierific “running game and audio adventure for the iPhone and Android.”  Sadly, this game is not yet ready for action, but it will be soon with the help of Kickstarter and backers.

Before I proceed, I’d like to thank CEO of Six to Start, Adrian Hon and lead writer for ZOMBIES, RUN!, Naomi Alderman, for taking the time for this interview.  While the trailer and website already had me lacing up my running shoes with Android in hand, Adrian and Naomi’s responses make the fact that this game is not yet available that much harder to cope with, but all the more enticing. Read the rest of this entry

Review ~ Gears of War 3 for Newcomers/New Gears

Release Date ~ Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Platform ~ XBox 360

Game Developer ~ Epic Games

Genre ~ Third person shooter

ESRB ~ Mature (17+)

Campaign Played On ~ Casual and Normal

Multiplayer Level Reached ~ 21

While this review is geared (Ha!  Pun intended!) towards newcomers to the Gears of War series, it’s not completely void of valuable information for Veteran Gears.  I encourage you to read on! Read the rest of this entry

Monogamy vs Polyamory in Game Playing

Confession time, zombies.  I’m on the cusp of being unfaithful and I don’t know what to do. Read the rest of this entry

Zombie Apocalypse Plan Question 3 ~ Who will be on my starter zombie apocalypse team (ZAT)?

Although usually portrayed as tough as Jason Statham, the lone wolf rarely evades being noshed on and turned into one of the zombie horde.  Surviving the ZA is a team effort.

Lets be honest here…  Who didn’t appreciate having a teammate in Resident Evil 0 and 5?  Who wasn’t thankful for having three people to back their character (even if they were CPUs) in the Left 4 Dead series?  Who thought Columbus wouldn’t make it through Zombieland without Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock?  How many times do we yell, “She’s going to die,” when some chick decides to wander away from her ZAT?  We acknowledge and appreciate ZATs because we know if we were really faced with the ZA and didn’t have the teammates to back us, “screwed” would be nowhere near an adequate enough word to describe our situation. Read the rest of this entry

Is your bank account big enough for your game cravings?

Earlier this week we pre-ordered Gears of War 3. Interestingly enough this is the first time I’ve ever pre-ordered a game.  Matter of fact, this is the first “fresh off the shelf” game I’ve gotten… or am getting…  since Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

What’s enthralling is knowing we’re in the midst of a mass release of great games.  On the flip side, my soul is cringing at the thought of how my wallet will look post game purchase.  What’s a lady supposed to do in this situation?  I might need to take up a second job… *Cough*Freelancewriter*Cough* Read the rest of this entry

Zombie Apocalypse Plan Question 2 ~ Where will I go? What’s my destination?

This week we ask the question, “Where will I go?  What’s my destination?”

While reviewing this point, for a moment, we’re going to take out the aspect of you worrying about having your face eaten off and we’ll put this into more of a business/life development aspect.  Essentially, these questions are asking you, “What’s your goal?” Read the rest of this entry

Throwback ~ ColecoVision

Aaaaw yeeeah, zombies!  We be talkin’ ’bout my home console, ColecoVision, today.  ColecoVision in the hiz-ous!

Um… I’m not certain how my ghetto side got out, but it happened.  I think we should all except that it happened and move on.

In my first post I mentioned that some of the topics I’ll cover will look at the emotional effects games have on players.   As we all know, nostalgia is the perfect tool to generate emotion.  Lets just say this post is my nostalgic moment, and I hope it proves to be one for you too, zombies. Read the rest of this entry

Zombie Apocalypse Plan Question 1 ~ What kind of role will I play during the ZA?

It’s that time of the week again, my zombies!  Time to talk about zombies (the bad ones, not you) and your ZAP.

So question 1 from last Sunday’s post was, “What kind of role will I play during the ZA?” Read the rest of this entry

Have you heard the good word of Zombie today?

Yes, my beloved zombies, it’s the holiest day of the week, Sunday.  Today is a day to relax, reflect, and reinforce our zombie apocalypse plans (ZAP). Read the rest of this entry