Zombie Apocalypse Plan Question 1 ~ What kind of role will I play during the ZA?

It’s that time of the week again, my zombies!  Time to talk about zombies (the bad ones, not you) and your ZAP.

So question 1 from last Sunday’s post was, “What kind of role will I play during the ZA?”

It’s important to know yourself and your strengths in order to increase your odds of survival.  If you don’t feel you have a good sense of yourself, try taking a personality test.  I recommend the Jung Typology test.  Don’t worry.  This personality test is much better quality than the Facebook ones.

Once you understand who you are, you’ll be able to understand who you’re not.  Knowing both of these things and utilizing your knowledge of them will make you a more valuable asset to your ZAT.  It may also save you from your teammates using you as zombie fodder.

So the first thing to know about yourself is where you’re best suited in a zombie throw down.

I’ll use myself as an example.  I know I’m useless manning the front lines in a crisis situation.  I don’t have a typical “fight or flight” reflex.  It’s more like a “flight or run around in a five foot radius stammering that I don’t know what to do” reflex.  A person like myself is best suited at manning the back lines.  This gives me the opportunity to calm myself, assimilate to the situation, and then do whatever needs to be done in an effective manner.

Someone like my sister’s fiance who’s physically strong and fantasizes about smashing zombies in the face would be better suited for the front lines.

If he and I were to switch places (him in the back lines, me in the front lines) the picture would look a little something like me stammering my way into a zombie horde and getting eaten, while he flails around excitedly and accidently takes down two teammates who get in his way as he’s trying to get to smashing some zombie’s face.  Neither an attractive nor effective image.

To counter this disaster, it’s best to place him in the front where he can clear a path for the ZAT through inflicting some serious zombie face damage, while I hang out in the back row taking down the few zombies trying to flank our ZAT.

So now you know where you fit during a zombie throw down.  Now it’s time to assess where you fit in your ZAT’s society during the calmer periods.

Think about skills you have from your career or skills from your hobbies.  Do you have any medical experience?  Technological skills?  Weapons expertise?  Hunting capabilities?

Again, I’ll use myself as an example.  My career as a massage therapist has taught me some basic medical knowledge.  I’d be useful in helping anyone who’s injured or in massaging anyone who’s carrying so much tension in their neck and shoulders, they’re getting faux carpel tunnel symptoms and can’t effectively operate their weapon.  I’m also a Nazi about condensing and utilizing every inch of a small space (a fun and non-genocidal Nazi that is).  This would make me ideal for packing and storage organization.  Some of what my skills do not include are technology and mechanics.  So don’t count on me to fix or hot wire a car.

If you don’t have any significant skills that you can think of, that’s fine.  Just be open to helping others on your team who do have significant skill sets.  You could be an assistant.  That in it’s own way is a skill.  On the flip side, if you’re a skill-less mooch, your ZAT members will most likely find a short term project for you: zombie fodder.

Next week we’ll discuss goal setting in the ZA.  ‘Til then, my non-flesh eating horde…

On we game!


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