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Zombie Apocalypse Plan Question 2 ~ Where will I go? What’s my destination?

This week we ask the question, “Where will I go?  What’s my destination?”

While reviewing this point, for a moment, we’re going to take out the aspect of you worrying about having your face eaten off and we’ll put this into more of a business/life development aspect.  Essentially, these questions are asking you, “What’s your goal?” Read the rest of this entry


Throwback ~ ColecoVision

Aaaaw yeeeah, zombies!  We be talkin’ ’bout my home console, ColecoVision, today.  ColecoVision in the hiz-ous!

Um… I’m not certain how my ghetto side got out, but it happened.  I think we should all except that it happened and move on.

In my first post I mentioned that some of the topics I’ll cover will look at the emotional effects games have on players.   As we all know, nostalgia is the perfect tool to generate emotion.  Lets just say this post is my nostalgic moment, and I hope it proves to be one for you too, zombies. Read the rest of this entry

Zombie Apocalypse Plan Question 1 ~ What kind of role will I play during the ZA?

It’s that time of the week again, my zombies!  Time to talk about zombies (the bad ones, not you) and your ZAP.

So question 1 from last Sunday’s post was, “What kind of role will I play during the ZA?” Read the rest of this entry

Have you heard the good word of Zombie today?

Yes, my beloved zombies, it’s the holiest day of the week, Sunday.  Today is a day to relax, reflect, and reinforce our zombie apocalypse plans (ZAP). Read the rest of this entry

Those nights where your gaming is nothing short of sucking…

Yes, my faithful followers – You know what?  I think I’m going to refer to you as my zombie(s) horde from this post on.  I’ll explain my reasoning for this at a later time.  After all, I gotta give you something to come back for, don’t I?  I digress…

Yes my zombie horde.  Tonight was my night in lacking any ability to game.  I’m pretty certain my service tag read EPSM – “Everyone, please shoot me.” (Yes, I was playing Halo).

I think all of us have experienced those horrid days where we simply can’t get into our gaming groove.  It doesn’t matter how skilled you were two days ago.  Today you play like a noob  (not to be confused with a newb).

Read the rest of this entry

For my first thought…

I’m tired.

It’s hot.

And when will Paul W.S. Anderson stop slaughtering the Resident Evil series?  Who knew a post 5 months old could hurt my head… and my soul…

Great first impression, huh?

But in all seriousness…

Welcome to the thoughts of a gamer after she’s turned off the game.  This blog will explore the mental and emotional effects games stir up in players,  (Yes… I said “emotional.”  I’m a lady.  We like to talk about our feelings.), the gaming community and its future, lady gamers, and zombies.  Well… we’ll try to explore all that stuff.

I thank you in advanced for letting the thoughts that will transverse this blog party with your thoughts.

On we game!